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Wedding Photography FAQ’s

Worcestershire-wedding-photography-springhill-barnWhat is your style of shooting?

My style is all about atmosphere, emotion and fun. I love to capture relaxed portraits, real moments and all of those little details that make your wedding day unique.

My photography is not pure photojournalism or reportage. Neither is it posed and traditional.  I like to think I am somewhere in the middle, capturing every moment of the day in a fun and relaxing way.  As I am quite sentimental, I love weddings and documenting the relationship between couples. I also know just how much work goes into the planning of such a big event!  When I photograph a wedding, I am only looking to find the best of the day and hopefully make it as wonderful as you remember.

Do you shoot Winter Weddings?wedding-photographer-worcestershire

Living in the UK where we have 4 seasons, I am used to the ever-changing climate.  However, I always enjoy a challenge and the winter months can definitely prove to be different, whether it’s a frosty morning or a snow filled sky.  I really enjoy this time of year and to be able to photograph a wedding in this season is an honour.

What should I look for in a wedding photographer?

The first thing I tell my brides and grooms to look for in their wedding photographer is personality!  The photographer is probably the only wedding supplier who will be with you all day.  They will be mingling with your friends and family all day and night and photographing everyone so, when you are meeting them, you should be checking them out to make sure they are friendly, approachable and good fun.  See how you feel around them.  Can you picture them with you, your family and friends?  This is quite a vital part of the decision process as it will be apparent in your photos if you are not comfortable with your photographer.

The second important factor to consider when finding a wedding photographer is the quality of their work.   Make sure that you really connect with it, it is to your taste and style and try to envisage yourself in the pictures.  If you can tick every box then you may have found someone special for you.  One key point to remember here is to understand that photographers do not just take photos of people.  We all have styles, approaches, and different ways of doing things.  Make sure you walk through your wedding day with the photographers you are interviewing and ask them how they might approach different issues throughout the day.  A professional should be able to answer your questions with ease and confidence and hopefully put your mind at rest by showcasing examples of their work.

The last element is of course the price.  Before you meet with a photographer, make sure they are within your budget otherwise you might be wasting your time meeting with them.

However, we all know that it can sometimes be easy to underestimate just how much a wedding day can cost so don’t be afraid to work with your photographer to put together a package that suits your needs.  A good photographer will always remain flexible with their pricing.  When it comes to the most important day of your life, price is an important element in the decision, but it should not be the main factor.  If you find the perfect photographer for you but they are out of your price bracket, just keep in mind that the images captured will be the only lasting memory from the day.  The flowers will fade, the cake will be eaten and the band will pack away but the photos are yours forever.  For more advice, don’t forget to check out my five top wedding tips when choosing your photographer.

I have to say I’m quite nervous about having my wedding photography taken.worcestershire-wedding-photographer-paul-willetts

This is perfectly natural and I have heard so many couples worry about the same thing but believe me; on the day it will be the last thing on your mind.  You will be so happy and overwhelmed by all the love and attention you are getting that you won’t even notice I am there!

This is also where your choice of photographer comes in to play as I mentioned above.  If you don’t feel comfortable with them then you won’t get the images you are hoping for so choose wisely.  Another great way to test the water and put your mind at rest is by having a pre-wedding shoot.  I always encourage my couples to do this if we can as it really helps both you and me to find out what works and what doesn’t, what everyone is comfortable with and also so we can get to know each other better so I can showcase your personalities through the images.

How many photos will you take at my wedding?

The number of photos you receive depends on the package you choose.  You will always get more than 600 images as a minimum but I do not limit the amount of photos I edit or provide. So, if I have taken it and the quality is high enough, it is yours. On average, I would normally take between 700 – 1500 photos to cover a full wedding day.   I am always selective with my shots to make sure that I manage to capture every detail. Be warned though that just because a photographer promises you over a thousand images, it doesn’t mean to say that these will be varied and of high quality. If a photographer has an itchy trigger finger then it usually means you will end up with the same pictures taken from 10 different angles.

My packages do not include physical prints so I can keep costs down for you.  Instead, each of my packages includes a beautiful keepsake USB of all high-resolution images giving you full copyright to print and distribute as many times as you like. However, you will have the option to add extras to your package such as the lovely relaxed Finao storybook albums and these start from 20 pages (around 50 photos). You also have the option to upgrade to something more formal and traditional if you wish. You are completely in control when it comes to choosing which photos go in your album and I am on hand to help you along the way.

Do you take formal group photos?

Yes of course I do, but I don’t tend to call them “formal group photos” as I like to keep them as fun and relaxed as possible without all those awkward smiles and I promise I wont ask you to say cheese. I normally suggest no more than 8 -10 of these throughout the day and then to keep the rest of the day fairly informal so that my relaxed type off photography can come across. there will be plenty of opportunity to capture these nice groups without having to stop the day and pose it up.


Have you worked at our wedding venue previously or are you able to visit it before the wedding?

I have been lucky enough to work at many venues across the Country and have developed great relationships with the staff too ensuring that your wedding day will run as smoothly as it possibly can.  Although my main role on the day is to take the photos, I actually become more of an event manager ensuring that you are where you need to be, at the right time and also reminding you about those moments that you think you will never forget about.  You won’t believe how many couples forget to cut the cake!Curradine-BArns-Wedding-Photographer-paul-willetts

I will always meet with my couples a few times before the wedding day to get to know you and keep up to date with the wedding preparations.  I also endeavour to meet with most couples at their venues at least once so that we can do a run-through and also chat about any specific locations or moments you would like captured.  Again this is where the pre-wedding shoot really comes in useful, as many couples like to have this at their venue just as a practise run.  However, there have been some occasions where my couples have lived abroad and are not planning to come home until the wedding day.  This is no problem at all.  We will still have plenty of opportunity to Skype, e-mail and text.  I will also make sure that I visit the venue by myself to ensure that I know my way around and can pick out some ideal backdrops.

What if it rains on our wedding day?

Living in beautiful Britain will always mean that we won’t be able to predict what the weather is going to do.  I personally think that this adds a little charm and it is said that a little rain on your wedding day is good luck after all!Worcestershire-wedding-photographer-paul-willetts

My quick answer is…it really doesn’t matter that much!  Obviously we would all like you to have glorious sunshine, blossom in the trees and a beautiful blue sky but I will always make the most of any weather.  Don’t forget that sunshine can cause problems too.  Sunburn, glare, squinting and sweaty faces to name but a few!

Rainy shots can add a beautiful mood to a photograph and particularly in black and white shots, can really bring out the colours in the brides dress.  Moody skies add a deeper effect to the image and umbrellas are a fun edition too.   Particularly if they are colourful and bright.

A bit of rain also gives the photographer the opportunity to make the most of the inside of the venue.  Venues don’t come cheap so you may as well use it to its full potential!  And when the rain clears, we can all rush outside again.  The change in lighting and location will add a lovely variance to your photos showcasing your venue inside and out.

All in all, it really isn’t anything to worry about and believe me when I say that you will be so happy, you won’t even notice!

If you’re still not concvince then checkout my rainy wedding photos gallery.

Can we still plan our wedding coverage without meeting up with you?

Yes. I prefer to meet with you before your wedding date, but I do understand that it is not always possible given work and locations. In these ciworcestershire-wedding-photographerrcumstances, I am fine to discuss wedding photography over the phone or email.  I provide my customers top service before, during and after their event.

Please tell me in which format I receive my pictures?

Every photo I take is shot and managed in the professional camera RAW format.  Once processed by me they are converted into JPEG format for inclusion on your DVD in high and low resolution.

As a standard, all couples are provided with a keepsake USB of all images to view in low and high-resolution format.   The images will have my watermark on but this is just for viewing purposes and to enable fast uploading to facebook and other social media sites.

If a CD of high-resolution images is included within your wedding package then this gives you full copyright to allow you to re-produce and share to your hearts content. These images will not have the watermark on. Don’t worry if this isn’t included within your package as you can always ask for it as an optional extra.

The benefit of high-resolution images is the level of detail and the ability to print giant size output.

How far will you travel?

I will travel far and wide across the country and internationally if required.  In terms of travel expenses, everything within the West Midlands is completely inclusive but for anywhere outside, I may ask you to cover travel and accommodation costs if necessary.  This will always be included within your quote though so there won’t be any nasty surprises.

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